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Haiku #2

They say the brain is

Blind – relying on input

From your lying eyes.

Haiku #1

“You’ve got a good eye,”

The Master said. “It’s a shame.

Two, and you’d be great.”

I Had to Hold up the Sky Today

I had to hold  up the sky today.

My back hurt, but it was my turn.

It has to be.

Someone to watch the people.

One to spin the Earth.

One to nuture the plants.

Another to watch the animals.

The seas are stirred by that one.

Over there, the one who dreams.

This dream – makes everything work.

What? You think all this ran by itself?

I Approve of Quantum Entanglement

I approve of quantum entanglement.

Yet, another aspect wants a considering:

Just because two souls were once united

And thus, one always alive in the other mind

Doesn’t mean that either gives a rat’s ass

About the other, give or take a quantum damn.

I Talk to Cats

I talk to cats.

Not teddy bears

Or toys or idols.

And I’m not on

Speaking terms

With any particular god.

And none of

The above

Speaks to me.

And for that,

I am immensely


I have this occasional vision of god

I have this occasional vision of god:

A woman of a certain age,

With a large feather boa

Of a changeable color (to suit the mood).

Kindly but benignly imperious.

Solid, certain, seeing all but

Rather above it all, naturally.

(Someone else carries the cash and cards)

She hears your prayers but moves steadily along

Hearing more and, if a chorus,

She waves her gloved hand and you die,

Or the world changes.  Maybe it’s better.

Understand, what this woman doesn’t know is not worth

Knowing, it’s merely heat emitted by a flaring torch.

Not the real event, just a byproduct.

Men may manipulate the heat, but the light moves ahead.

Of Age 16

There’s a memory locked there in consciousness

(Whiz bang electro-chemical marching band)

of age 16.   Summer. I squat by the road

In front of step-dad’s store.  In the flow.
(I could do it better then.  I miss that.)

I direct my mind <print>Remember here.

Remember and answer me.  Am I okay there?</print>

(The line’s one way, but, spookily, two.
One’s me, the other is a short to ground.

A truly twisted pair.)

But, peace, young thing.  You have not brightly shown,

But the light is here, and steady.

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