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Etaoin shrdlu

Etaoin shrdlu,

A Linotyper’s blowoff.

Proto lol.

Words are like water

Words are like water.

They can wash over you.

Cleanse you or smear you.

Cool you or fire you up.

Words are like water.

But they don’t freeze well

And are no good in drinks.


Pigs Ought to be Proud

Pigs ought to be proud that their bellies

Are so wonderfully welcome again.

Bacon’s the bomb.  Bacon rules.

Bacon talks, sausage walks.

Bacon Fests, bacon shakes, bacon on burgers,

Bacon on cheese, bacon on sundaes.

Bacon on Chinese, bacon on Mondays.

Chocolate covered bacon. Bacon vodka,

Na zdorovya!   <snicker>

Artisanal bacon, oo la la. El gordo.

Six different types of umami

Smoked, sliced and ready to fry,

Ready to grill, ready to bake.

Downfall of many a vegetarian,

A gateway meat, a step to steak.

Pigs ought to be proud.

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