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I don’t understand coincidences.

I don’t understand coincidences.

It’s too easy to see design among them.

Example: Trying to find a location, carefully scoped out on Google Earth.

All the road names jibe, but one: the important one, the line to there.

We retrack, ask a local (clueless), no luck.  Stopping.  Saying, “Fuck!”.

Giving up.  My buddy is hungry.  We go to a fast fooder a quarter mile away.

As he goes in to order, I stand by the car staring at the topo map, searching.

A couple in a black SUV pulls up and he says, “I saw you looking at the map.

Can I help you find something?  I live around here.” I take the topo over

And point to where we want to go.  She smiles.  “That’s where by parents live.”

I say but we looked and looked for Ash Street and it’s just not there.

He says, “Oh, they changed the name to Estates Street.” (Lo, had we seen

That street sign more than a couple of times.)  She called her father

And we got permission to cross his land to our destination.

Later, my buddy and I just shook our heads and grinned.

I don’t understand coincidences.

How it happens

How it happens is:

Tap, tap the internet

And a portal opens

(the monitor disappears)

As you explore

It maps you

(a feedback loop)

Get it?

I wish they had tigers here.

I wish they had tigers here. Elephants, too. Herds.

They’d be fun to photograph.

But I get feral cats and roly-poly residents.

It would be fun to see ghosts with my Nikon spirit filter

Or know a place where I can find fairies.

(Other than that place in JCity)

But I don’t see and I don’t find.

The camera is passive, the eye most active.

I walk where I live, looking, looking.

Always with a camera, catching

Those scenes that others missed.

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