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There was a song in my brain

There was a song in my brain this morning.  They just bubble up.

A gift.  Maybe an old product jingle

(“Use Wildroot Cream Oil, Chaaarlie!”)

Or maybe a golden oldie, a country tune,

A jazz riff, some World, a bit of Bach.

All from some neural folder in my head.


Mom played the piano.  Dad had a fine singing voice.

My stepdad favored gospel and bluegrass.

I was rock ‘n’ roll, then folk and on to Brit.

Later, ‘cause I was jocking country

I listened to jazz and psychedelic

And the deep aural groove of classical.

I jocked other music: top 40, easy, oldies,

Americana, whatever the format was.

That’s a lot of music going in my head.


(A song from when I was in love makes me smile.

One or two make me hurt.  One still scares me.


So, to all you writers, singers, backup people,

Producers, you makers of music.

Thank you.  I remember.


Whether I like it or not.


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