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DeSoto’s Pigs and Other Buzzkills

The names are lost forever.

Those warriors who floated down

These waterways that converge

And converge and converge

To augment the Mississippi.

Millions of Native Americans,

Hunting, fishing, going places.

Yes, millions.  Multitudes lived

And multitudes died from

DeSoto’s Spanish pigs.

Fat, tasty disease vectors.

For every vainglorious doof

We honor for being a “hero”,

We dishonor the true braves.

The names are lost forever.

He was just here

He was just here!

The one you’re looking for,

Who has all the answers,

Who can allay your fears.

Remember “Appointment in Samarra”.

Keep going.

He’s looking for you, too.

Flea market

At the flea market.

Jesus, what a bunch of crap.

Something wanted, once.


We are all self-serving,

Living in bodies

That know only us.


Like twelve year olds.

It’s what gets us through.


1:1.29 is a ratio quite puissant.

It calms the askew irrational world

In surprisingly curious ways.

It’s the Golden Mean, you know.

I mean, it’s mean mathematically.

Not average, just mean.

You see it everywhere these days.

Well, that didn’t go as expected.

Well, that didn’t go as expected.

I didn’t win that genius grant.  No surprise.

I’m not a famous artist, nor a respected photographer.

My poetry smells of feet.

I was a loser as a lover, I never made any money.

I don’t meditate as I should.

I avoid people.

I hate parties.

But I have two cats

And I have survived.

It’s the little things…

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