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Shortwave from the Moon

It’s a little before 5.  I’m listening to the Beeb.

Matthew Bannister interviewing

A one-legged asskicker from Leeds, or something like that.

Drinking coffee, waiting for NPR’s morning news.

It’s how I start my weekdays.

In an hour, I’ll be off to work,

To my job in commercial radio.

You know, the ones vilified as crass

During the local NPR fund drives.

I’ve been in local broadcasting for 40 years now.

(And if that’s not a testament

To the tenacity of inertia, I don’t know what is.)

It’s all corporate now, and that’s fine.

No villains here, just people

Adjusting constantly to a calculated craziness.

I find it exciting, but lacking causality.

Systems get set up by mute, blinkered IT guys.

It would be impressive to know where it’s all going,

But I’m really not sure anyone knows.

High noise, low signal.

Like listening to shortwave from the moon.

The bare equivalent

It was the bare equivalent of love.

A picture of a kiss; a DVD of a hug.

Yet, it was something.  So he smiled

As he slowly danced to Ravel.


No one touches. No, not yet.  Not just yet.

He can only imagine the drag of a finger

Across the weave of the fabric.

It was a minor price.  He had cash.


This, a homeopathic decoction of love.

Barely a shadow of a figure, lacking color.

Lying in the dark, wrapped in a sheet.

He shrugs. More has been spent,  for much less.



Transitions. Technology.

BFDs in my life.

Jeez. Lots.  Television!

Cable, then color.

IBM Selectrics.

Pentel felt tips.

SLRs, fast film.

Satellites, computers

(‘bye, typewriters!).

CDs, cellphones.

Internet, digital cams

(‘bye, SLRs and film!).

MP3, MP4, memory

Deep as a rain barrel.

Photoshop. Elements.

Bring it on.

It’s too much fun!

What was it, then?

What was it, then?

Maybe Hawaiian Punch

Or Tang.  Banquet Pot Pies –

(Chicken, okay; beef, not.)

Fish sticks, tuna noodle surprise.

Hot dogs with chili

Wrapped in paper

And steamed for hours.

Corn popped in bacon grease.

(I knew food in low places)

Cream dried beef on toast.

Fried baloney and mustard

Between slices of Merita.

Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

Seaver’s pineapple fried pies, oh, yes!

Banana splits, now and then.

Coke floats. Moon Pies.

And damned good hamburgers.

When I was a kid.  That was it.

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