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Not so smart

I’ve been around so long, I think I’m so smart.

Then a phisher damn near reeled me in last night.

A text message: “Hey, Bob, check this out!”

Then a full URL that looked legit; from a friend.

I have a dumb phone, so I entered it into Chrome,

Which immediately blocked it off, saying

“Fool, that’s a phishing site!”  Something like that.

I’ve been around so long, but still gullible, me.

Gossamer wings

If I had a pair of gossamer wings, I would not fly to you.

They’d fail me for sure and over a briar patch, at that.

I’d take a plane.


If I had a golden chariot, I would not drive to you.

I have no horses, I’d have to pull it myself.

Oh, I’d take a bus.


If I had a birch bark canoe, I would not paddle to you.

It would get all soggy and sink; I’d have to swim.

Wait ‘til winter.  I’d skate.


If I get on Google Earth, and I know your coordinates,

I would probably find you. But, more’s the pity, I don’t.

And you can’t hear me when I call.

And, thus, a box

The tolerances are close.

The parts fit precisely.

Neither binding

Nor shifting if moved.

Surfaces, six inside, six outside.

Allowance for the thickness

Of cover or paint.

Set the lid on.

And, thus,

A box.

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