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Haiku #5

Twilight and raining.

Gusts usher in cooler air.

A good night to sleep.


I speak rudely to my TV.

Stupid phrases issue from it.

They beg rebuttal or derision.

Crazy hair guy vouchsafes aliens.

Technodorks hare after spirits.

“This magic pill burns fat fast!”

“This product really…works!”

Be thinner, richer, manlier!

Give ‘em a raspberry, give ‘em the bird,

Yet, they’re impervious to my scorn.

They blather on, irreproachable.

Like preachers and politicians

And idiots arave at the moon.

Shut up!

If you’re quiet enough, and you should be,

You’ll hear things important to comprehend.

If you’ll just shut up. Shut up!  You’ll see

What I mean or hear it.  Just attend.


Outside and inside, you’ve got company.

Listen, be quiet. They’ll be with you to the end.

Even if you deafen, they will still be heard.

They’re friends. Sssssh!  Just attend.

Here I am.

Here I am: weathered, common, calm.

Koko, shizen, seijaku.

I have lived my minor dream

And another, even now. Progress

Continues quietly, riding the wave.

The scenery is really great!


Prayer won’t relieve your sorrow.

You can’t paint over your guilt,

Looking through that gloomy window.


Washing your car won’t fix the engine.

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