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There’s an old white-haired, permed crone

Ahead of me paying for her gas.

Slowly, meticulously choosing bills

From an envelope of cash.

She’s wearing fashion camo

And pink crocs.

I am patient.

The first time I saw sundogs

The first time I saw sundogs-

Late afternoon, winter, facing southwest.

There it was, the fabled parhelion.

For all the world like a Tucker coming

At you full lit and head on.

I wanted to grab someone and say,

“Look!  Look! Those are sundogs!”

But there was no one to be found.

The times in my life when I’ve overcome.

Worked and worked until the deed was done,

Nobody got it.

“Look! Goddamn! The flash is working!

I made the graphics!  I hand-coded it!”

A look, a nod.  “Yeah, yeah. Good job.”

Don’t try to get a film noir fan

To watch your anime.

They won’t get it*.


*Unless it’s “Perfect Blue”…maybe.


Quantifying a philosophy

Will not yield an equation.

Philosophy, like a koan,

Exists in superposition.

Sugar-free Zen (or not)

The sugar-free chocolate pudding

Is not the regular chocolate pudding.

The sugar-free oatmeal cookies

Are not the regular oatmeal cookies.

The sugar-free cheesecake

Is not the regular cheesecake,

But it goes great with a merlot.


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