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in media res

So, here I am in media res.
Moving between then and when.
Not a treadmill, not a continuum.
This is my life going on, dude.

Beyond the past, behind the future,
A living person, living.
Not a sadness nor a burden.
Laughing a lot, enjoying the food.

I know it won’t last, not at all.
I’m expecting trouble ahead.
Unknown stresses, pain to come.
It’s part of the package. Understood.

So, here I am in media res.
Keeping things calm, as I can.
Hoping. Watching. Knowing
I’ve always done the best I could.

The film that was us

There’s this movie that runs when I think of you.

It’s a swift, smooth sequence in cool colors.

It’s sort of a trailer

For the film that was us.


(Just the highlights, not the longueurs of those days)


But, there’s a parallel edit of the fights, the spites,

In rapid jump cuts in spikey colors.

And these were also true

For the film that was us.



My memories are fearless,


Now that no one lives

Who shared them with me –

Who could have had…differences.

They’re all mine now, my pretties.


As Mr. Death clear cuts ranks,


Damn life leaves too soon.

My summer dims and chills.

But, as with my aging body,

I make accommodations.



Caput Mortuum.



The color names.

Exotic, seductive,




Copper Beech.



As an artist,

Your vocabulary:







Here, then, is your

Palette, ready to mix.

Lead on!

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