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In 1900, George Eastman had a Brownie.


In 1957, I had an Argus.  Shot 12 on 620.

Basically, though, it was the same.

At a new school, the teacher asked,

“Anyone know about cameras?”

I raised my hand and got a Polaroid-

Model 80, no manual, just the camera.

Worked on EVs, a puzzle I figured out

Using school-supplied film.

After a while, I got good pix.

School Photographer, that was me.

An interrupt or two later, I had a Yashika.

Rangefinder, fixed lens, simple meter.

I was in Germany and used it a lot.

And stupidly left all the negatives

In my locker when I left for home.

Life can be cruel to the feckless.

Later, I shot for local print.

Pentax.  We joked that no one

Over thirty could handle a screw-

Mount lens.  Screw that.

I got a Nikon rangefinder, a gem that

I traded for a Nikkormat, an SLR.

I put many rolls of Tri-X through that cam.

And when I trained in camera repair,

I took it apart a couple of times, just

To put it back together again.

I still have it, but it’s up on a shelf

With all its gear and sometimes

Just sometimes I long to use it, but

I have a D3100 and three p&s units

That are sleek jets to that piper cub.

It’s still the same. It’s still the pix.

On the web, I saw some pix some guy

Shot on an old Argus TLR.  Good stuff.

It’s not the camera, it’s the eye that

Sees that great shot and there it is.

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