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Snow is coming

Snow is coming and the denizens of this good land

Are descending upon the supermarkets to gather

In white bread, eggs and milk they’ll need to cosset

Themselves in the snow covered homes with

Lashings of French toast, bread pudding and, perhaps

In the liberal homes, a tasty quiche.

Tellingly, left on the shelves are

Jars of Smuckers stir-in peanut butter (creamy and chunky)

Whole bean coffee

Good, thick bread and

Anything else even remotely considered to be


And good for the bowels.


Attention, giant food companies:

Message received.

Get the water

Get the water – holy water.

Get the relic – a saintly bone.

Set them out on marble table.

Douse the light. Pull the drapes.

Look at them.  Well, are they glowing?


Find a cripple, any cripple.

Sprinkle him with holy water.

Rub him over with saintly bone.

Watch him closely and then listen:

Has his moaning lessened?  Has it?


So, pat said cripple on his back

And send him on his crippled way.

See, it is the thought that matters,

Not the special bone and water.

Wipe your hand, though.  Must be careful.


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