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I was dreaming in color

I was dreaming in color:

We were walking in a park, surrounded by rows of tulips

Shameless red and yellow against the green grass beyond.

We’d bump shoulders occasionally, high from the wine.


(We’d awakened early and shared the bottle of red

As we sat naked in bed, the rumpled bed.

And you said, “Let’s go to the park!”)


In the dream I noticed:

We’d neglected to even dress – totally commando.

I was enjoying the warm breeze and you beside me.

Because last night had been my very first time.

One for the party

(Some time ago, I was at a celebration in Nashville among a number of pleasant people.  I was asked to recite a haiku.  I’d had a couple of glasses of wine.  My middle name is not spontaneity.  So, here’s one I can get to on my Fire if they ask me again.)

One for the party.

Syllables for a fish fry.

In Nashville again.

What of you?

Touching it changes it.

So, in time, it bears no


To what it was.


What of you?  What we were?

Was it as I recall?

All those times…

Ah, well, it’s just

Me, now.

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