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I Can’t Trill

I realized I could not trill (O shame)

When the first Ruffles commercials

Came on TV – “Rrrruffles have rrridges”.

I couldn’t do it.  Couldn’t trill.

No biggie.  Fuck Ruffles anyway.


Later, as I sat in Russian Language school:

Native Russian teachers, underpaid, but proud.

Eyes down long noses looked at me.

Neudachnik: Loser.  No music.

Russian flat as the vast frigid steppes.


I won’t bring up German, though in Spanish,

If you don’t trill, “but” is the same as “dog”.

Elegant Spanish flat as a tortilla.

Luckily, for ears, I never took opera.

Thanks, no trills for me, I’m from Tennessee.

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