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I don’t believe I thought very much about it.

I was a nightside guy, shooting the stuff

That would make the morning edition.

With my Pentax Spotmatic (hot item then),

My screw-mount lenses,

A kick ass Honeywell Strobonar,

And enough Tri-X to get through it all.

I was also pretty much second-string,

Corralling the new officers at the Lodge. Smile!

The Theatre Guild in rehearsals.  Hmm, theatre types.

Using my press card to get the access

To some VIP on parade at a dinner downtown.

Then rolling back to the paper to process the film

And print a contact sheet for the editor to look at.

Turn in my often accurate notes.  Smile!

And then went home to my own camera:

My Nikkormat FT and, for a very brief time,

A Nikon rangefinder that I regret trading to this day.

I’d overcrank a couple of cans of Tri-X at the paper,

Roll in enough for at least 50 frames in each

And take them into the night to do my stuff:

Night work with a tripod and that Honeywell.

Long lenses down a dark, empty street:

Drama shadows and lots of grain.

I wish I had those negatives now.  I really do.

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