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The Power of Time

The power of time.

It slowly drains the color from our memories;

The heat from passions, the stain from our days,

And reshapes our minds deep in the matrix.


The power of time.

It leaves us, sighing, accepting of our losses

Which brittle age quietly steals away,

To leave us with copies, or with nothing.


The power of time

Then, is that inherited, timed decline

That we can see and feel day after day.

And, thus, gives rise to magical thinking.


Another Food Thing

I think eggs are exciting. I don’t eat a lot of them.

But they’re a nice change from dreary old cereal.

I avoid sugar, so I get the cereal that witty people

Would put in a glass container and call it donut seeds.

A real thigh-slapper, that one.

And I don’t care for milk, so I use soy and a few raisins.

A toasted, buttered sourdough English muffin, for sure.

I even can get mildly jazzed over those precooked links

That, frozen, resemble some sort of animal’s turds.

Now and again, I fry some regular sausage, crumble it up

And make a single run of sausage gravy, on a biscuit.

When I was in service, I actually liked SOS, so go figure.

I am conditioned to breakfast, day after day.

But life has made little changes.

Waffles, pancakes, French toast, syrup, real jelly.

Banished from the morning plate.

Too sweet. Tout de suite.

Polysaccharide freeze out.

Cherish the changes. Entrophy calls.

Gosh, I hope the breakfasts are better…

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