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I Need an Innertube

If it all is going to go to hell in late summer,

As my buddy told me, having heard it from a guy

Who takes this expensive newsletter from some guy

Who has an ear horn up God’s ass, then I’m screwed.

Who can stem a tide of hot, steaming shit?

Some will have boats to ride this smelly tide out,

But I won’t. I can swim, though, for what that’s worth.

A Hot Dog is a Memory

A roll of hot dog chili in a Walmart cold case.

That got all of this started.

Ah, yes, a Nathan’s Famous with mustard and chili

Would be so perfectly fine.

A hot dog is a memory; a way back to camping trips,

Hot dogs at carnivals.

You know, I don’t indulge very often, but, dammit, sometimes

I love a good hot dog.

Another Odd One

You’ll chase me down to the beach and we’ll run through the dunes

And then fall, tired and out of breath but smiling, onto the warm sand.

Like that would happen.

I don’t like the beach and no one’s ever thought of chasing me there.

I lean, when I do, towards woods. For a little while.

Until it’s time to eat.

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