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If you want to draw,
Firmly lay down one true line
Draw all else from it.


Yard Sales

Standing at another crappy old yard sale

Wishing they had something I liked.

Money I’ve got in reasonable numbers

That’s not a problem, the offerings are.

Old clothes and shoes, treen and towels

Fancies and iron tools, worn with use

On sale real cheap, yours for a pittance.

But local post cards none to be found, neither

Old photos, fragile ferrotypes, paper

Worthy of note, pun intended. That.

But now and then a brush of the fingers

Reveals, well, you know how “pleasure”

And “treasure” happen to rhyme? Bingo.

That’s why I go to yard sales.

Smart Dog

The young girl loved her dog very much.

But he died. Old age, y’know.

She was distraught. Friendless!

Even thought of killing herself.

That night, in a dream, her dog

Came back and bit her.


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