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A Short Meditation

My mother would tell me that my Dad was so talented:

He could sing, he was a fine artist, he knew languages.

But that he had no ambition.

My oldest brother said simply that the Great Depression broke him.


And, perhaps, he felt as I do now: fine arts are well and good,

But you need a job.

Mom said Dad felt abased by the people he worked with.

(Our family was always a bit priggish)

I don’t. Oh, but as a living, art is capricious.

Study hard to learn to work a pencil or brush, to do it well –

And some clown comes along with some strong mess

And attitude and there goes the market.

Some say it’s the art, not the money.

Yes, well…

I want a place to stay, a place to cook, a place to sleep.

And a couple of cats, might as well.

Look for that. I’ll be there. And you’re welcome.

Time/History Stuff

It took, for me, John Lewis Gaddis to put the bow

On the definition of quantum time with his quote on history.

The quote is here. (it’s the 6th paragraph down)

A contingency, btw, is that suddenly unexpected

Turd in the punchbowl.

Sort of breaks up the party, doesn’t it?

And the memory lingers on. And on. And on.

The King and the Cook

Those battles that raged in the mists of time,

No scribes to record them

Or winners to spin them,

They thinned out the warrior class

Until only the Mighty (or, as in the case

Of the cook back at the camp, mighty lucky)

Was the sole general left standing.

A King to lead the country in peace.

The cook, ever humble, suggested,

“Take my daughter, please!”

The King, liking chestnuts, agreed.

The cook thought, “I’m set for life.

Now, if I can just figure out

Where to find a daughter.”

I have a problem…

I have a problem with

“Smart as a whip” and

“Works like a charm”.


Whips can’t tell you the sum

Of two plus two.



Charms are just a type of candy.

Here take this “charm” and

Go frolic in the traffic.

<slight pause>

How’d that work…


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