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Everything Is Killing Me

Everything is killing me. (Surprise!) Scientists agree.

Survey says: Everything is killing me.

Bacon’s bad. Artificial sweeteners are bad. Bread’s bad.

Lalalalala. I’m not listening anymore.

I’ve pulled through a lot of things in my day.

But I’ll not pull through life. Win the battles,

Lose the war.

<loud raspberry sound> So, stick it!

I’m having a great life. I’m charmed. I’m acing this.

I’ve got some money. I’ve got a job. I’m reasonably healthy.

I can’t see out of my right eye very well (herpes, you know),

But the left one doesn’t miss much.

And the world behind the eye, the brain that actually does the work,

Is clipping right along (but how can I tell?). Zoom, zoom.

I’m never bored

Never lonely

Often tired, though. Nap time.

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