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If I Have Ever Been

If I have ever been anything, it’s low level angry

And low level anxious.  Not always at the same time.

Back in the early 1800s, a person once remarked that

“Southern men are touchy about their honor.”  Got it.

But the anxiety can be so distracting.  It’s like some jangly

Train on a steady loop, going around and around.

And the worry is inevitably because I can’t resolve

The blasted matter at hand NOW, damn it.

I’ve made up long strings of conversations in my head:

Scenarios: Someone says this and I reply this.

Someone says this happened and I have the explanation.

And so on.  Blah, blah.  Nothing ever happens exactly

The way my rabitting brain voice rehearsed.

I do not consider myself devious.

I do not lie.  I am not above misleading.

Funny thing: sometimes if I touch bare iron

Into deep ground, I can be relieved a bit.

I can also, I think, hold onto a ground wire

And dissipate the annoying worry energy.

But that could just me thinking antenna theory.


Where You Are

“Y’aren’t from around here, are ya?”

I explain that I was born in a town just miles away,

But that my parents are from Iowa.

He nods and loses interest. Good on me.

When I joined the Air Force, it was,

“Where’re you from, buddy? Alabama?”

No, I say. I’m from Tennessee.

“Hmm. You people wear shoes down there?”

I laugh. It’s a tired, tired line by now.

Later, when I got into radio, it was,

“Good voice! You’ll do well here.”

Well, not really, but the point to me

Is what you sound like is where you are.

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