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Angels Always Win

Wrestling angels is tiring.  They always win

And are nice about it.

Which is mean, really, but they’re angels

And angels never lose.

The arena –  here inside my head.

And the bout is between me

And Mr. Angel, who never loses.

The Bad Boy who roars and wrestles;

Mr. Angel, of course, who never loses.

Bad Boy fumes and mutters.

Mr. Angel’s nonchalant.

Omnia Vanitas

I’m not especially vain,

But I don’t want people to get the wrong idea.

Not stupid. No Dunning-Kruger Effect here.

Not a slob, but fitted sheets did save me

From hospital corners.

Shirts ironed, as the pants.

Shoes clean and brushed.

Braced and belted for work, of course.

But looser here where I live.

Henry Rollins said he was not

Lonely.  He was solitary.

I get that.

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