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Mom’s Barbecue Sauce Recipe


This is a standard index card, and that’s my Mom’s handwriting.  There’s nothing on the back.

Barbecue Sauce

Blend 3 tbsp. ketchup, 3 tbsp. vinegar, 2 tbsp. dry mustard, 2 tbsp. worcestershire sauce, one bouillon cube dissolved in 1/2 cup boiling water. Salt to taste. Boil up once. 1934

I don’t ever recall her actually making this, but, since it doesn’t have any heavy sugar, I may try it.  I assume it’s beef bouillon.
IMHO, today’s commercial barbecue sauce is often just spicy syrup (as most peanut butters are actually peanut candy).  Blah.


I don’t believe I thought very much about it.

I was a nightside guy, shooting the stuff

That would make the morning edition.

With my Pentax Spotmatic (hot item then),

My screw-mount lenses,

A kick ass Honeywell Strobonar,

And enough Tri-X to get through it all.

I was also pretty much second-string,

Corralling the new officers at the Lodge. Smile!

The Theatre Guild in rehearsals.  Hmm, theatre types.

Using my press card to get the access

To some VIP on parade at a dinner downtown.

Then rolling back to the paper to process the film

And print a contact sheet for the editor to look at.

Turn in my often accurate notes.  Smile!

And then went home to my own camera:

My Nikkormat FT and, for a very brief time,

A Nikon rangefinder that I regret trading to this day.

I’d overcrank a couple of cans of Tri-X at the paper,

Roll in enough for at least 50 frames in each

And take them into the night to do my stuff:

Night work with a tripod and that Honeywell.

Long lenses down a dark, empty street:

Drama shadows and lots of grain.

I wish I had those negatives now.  I really do.

Pigs Ought to be Proud

Pigs ought to be proud that their bellies

Are so wonderfully welcome again.

Bacon’s the bomb.  Bacon rules.

Bacon talks, sausage walks.

Bacon Fests, bacon shakes, bacon on burgers,

Bacon on cheese, bacon on sundaes.

Bacon on Chinese, bacon on Mondays.

Chocolate covered bacon. Bacon vodka,

Na zdorovya!   <snicker>

Artisanal bacon, oo la la. El gordo.

Six different types of umami

Smoked, sliced and ready to fry,

Ready to grill, ready to bake.

Downfall of many a vegetarian,

A gateway meat, a step to steak.

Pigs ought to be proud.

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