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I like my two émigrés from Catlandia.

Pump and Blue, the hulk and fluff.

So, when I saw this commercial on TV

That said my standard cat food

Was, by implication, not fit for dogs,

I went out and bought several cans

Of AAA-rated, no corn, no icky filler,

Wholesome, all meaty, feline fodder.

Smiling modestly, I presented it to

My loyal subjects and invited them to

Chow down the way nature intended.

Like that worked.

<sniff> Look up at me questioningly.

<sniff> Shake paws and walk away.

Rewrite the menu.

Friskies 1, Nature zip.

I Talk to Cats

I talk to cats.

Not teddy bears

Or toys or idols.

And I’m not on

Speaking terms

With any particular god.

And none of

The above

Speaks to me.

And for that,

I am immensely


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