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Light’s interesting

Light’s interesting

3200 Kelvin is

Warm.  5200 is cool.

Hawaii – 5500

Yet it’s hot there but here in

My room – warm – it’s cool.

I wish they had tigers here.

I wish they had tigers here. Elephants, too. Herds.

They’d be fun to photograph.

But I get feral cats and roly-poly residents.

It would be fun to see ghosts with my Nikon spirit filter

Or know a place where I can find fairies.

(Other than that place in JCity)

But I don’t see and I don’t find.

The camera is passive, the eye most active.

I walk where I live, looking, looking.

Always with a camera, catching

Those scenes that others missed.

Pigs Ought to be Proud

Pigs ought to be proud that their bellies

Are so wonderfully welcome again.

Bacon’s the bomb.  Bacon rules.

Bacon talks, sausage walks.

Bacon Fests, bacon shakes, bacon on burgers,

Bacon on cheese, bacon on sundaes.

Bacon on Chinese, bacon on Mondays.

Chocolate covered bacon. Bacon vodka,

Na zdorovya!   <snicker>

Artisanal bacon, oo la la. El gordo.

Six different types of umami

Smoked, sliced and ready to fry,

Ready to grill, ready to bake.

Downfall of many a vegetarian,

A gateway meat, a step to steak.

Pigs ought to be proud.

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